Matthew West – Grace Wins

  “Grace Wins” In my weakest moment I see you Shaking your head in disgrace I can read the disapointment Written all over your faceHere comes those whispers in my ear Saying who do you think you are Looks like

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Mat Kearney – Air I Breathe (Lyric Video)

“Air I Breathe” Born and raised under the rain and a western wind Felt the weight, trying to live up to they say I am. Is it any wonder, shame comes calling my first name Is there any question, if

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Fix My Eyes [Lyrics] – for KING & COUNTRY

“Fix My Eyes” Hit rewind, click delete Stand face to face with the younger me All of the mistakes All of the heartbreak Here’s what I’d do differently, I’dLove like I’m not scared Give when it’s not fair Live life

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Plumb – Lord I’m Ready Now (Official Lyric Video)

I just let go. And I feel exposed But it’s so beautiful ‘Cause this is who I am I’ve been such a mess Now I can’t care less I could bleed to death (Chorus) Lord, I’m ready now All the

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NEEDTOBREATHE – “Multiplied” (Official Video)

“Multiplied” Your love is like radiant diamonds Bursting inside us we cannot contain Your love will surely come find us Like blazing wildfires singing Your name God of mercy sweet love of mine I have surrendered to Your design May

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Everfound – Take This City (feat. Joel of for KING & COUNTRY) | Official Video

See the signs The bright lights Walk down the city streets tonight You’ll hear people calling For the truth For the life For the love we’ve buried deep inside That makes us united So lets take this city Our souls

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Passion 2015 Matt Chandler Talk

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PASSION 2015 – John Piper

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The Bait of Satan – John Bevere

I’m not sure how I came across this book but it arrived in my life at a time when I truly needed it.  This book contains a wealth of information of how Satan deceptively uses other people to trap you

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Sheep Among Wolves: Volume One

A documentary about spreading the word of Jesus in the middle east.

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