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The Longing in me – Sheila Walsh

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God’s Not Dead 2 In Theaters This Weekend

We went to see God’s Not Dead 2 last night at SilverCity. The critics gave it only 1/5 stars. I enjoyed the movie almost as much as the original and would give it 3.5/5 stars. The main complaint of the

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Sheep Among Wolves: Volume One

A documentary about spreading the word of Jesus in the middle east.

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Amish Grace

This is a fantastic movie about forgiveness that’s based on a true story.  I didn’t know much about the Amish faith before watching this movie.  The story contrasts the lives of a husband and wife who suffer a terrible tragedy.

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God Of Wonders

This is a really nice video that reminds us of the awesomeness of the creator (1h30m).

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Don’t Miss Women of the Bible on Lifetime This Sunday at 7pm

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