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Ann Voskamp : One Thousand Gifts

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Casting Crowns: Just be held

“Just Be Held” Hold it all together Everybody needs you strong But life hits you out of nowhere And barely leaves you holding on And when you’re tired of fighting Chained by your control There’s freedom in surrender Lay it

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Matthew West: Forgiveness

“Forgiveness” It’s the hardest thing to give away And the last thing on your mind today It always goes to those that don’t deserve It’s the opposite of how you feel When the pain they caused is just too real

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Mercyme – I can only imagine

“I Can Only Imagine” I can only imagine what it will be like When I walk by your side I can only imagine what my eyes will see When your face is before me I can only imagine Yeah Surrounded

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God’s Fantastic

God is Amazing   God is our Heaven Father and Jesus is the Son of our Father in Heaven.Jesus died for us to live so we should respect and love Jesus.Click on this link for Info on Jesus and this link for Info

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Francis Chan – You and Me Forever (Marriage in light of Eternity)

Website You and Me Forever  (You can download a free PDF of the book) There is also a video series for this book on Vimeo You and Me Forever

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Louie Giglio – Knees Down Eyes Up

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Jordan Feliz – Beloved

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Mathew West – Day One

  Day One Well, I wish I had a short term memory Wish the only thing my eyes could see Was the future burning bright right in front of me But I can’t stop looking back Yeah, I wish I

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Brandon Heath – Behold Our GOD

  “Behold Our God” He is the glory of the stars He is the lover of the human heart The universe is in His hands Next to Him none will stand Behold our God In all His Majesty Behold our

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