Compassion Kids


Our family is a proud supporter of Compassion Canada.  I originally found out about the program from an Ann Voskamp video.  After doing a little bit of research it was evident that the program was financially on the up and up.  It’s a tragic shame how so many large charitable organizations don’t get the money where it’s needed.  If a single person at a charitable organization makes more that 1 million dollars it’s a fraud in my mind.  The unique aspect of Compassion Canada compared to other organizations is that they work with christian churches throughout the world to support children.  I can’t think of a better way to help kids than to introduce them to the one and only saviour Jesus Christ.  The child you help today will hopefully grow up and help many other children in their search for the meaning of life on earth.

Part of the Compassion program includes regular communication with the child/children that you sponsor.  We have a couple of children of our own who like most kids have no idea what it means to live in a third world country.  As much as you would like to help the Compassion kids, much of the help will be redirected back towards your own family.  As your family begins to appreciate and become thankful for the blessings that GOD has gracefully given you.  Those blessing are meant to flow like a river.  GOD will give more to those to give.  There is no possible way that you could out give GOD.  He will only give more to those who give.  The gifts may not always be financial.  GOD’s gifts come in many forms.  Ultimately, the most amazing gift he gives is his grace and compassion towards us.  To be content and thankful for that is the greatest gift of all.  That’s my greatest hope for our Compassion kids.

If you have the feeling that you want to help, just do it.  That feeling is the Holy Spirit guiding you to do GOD’s work.

May GOD bless you and your family.