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Sheep Among Wolves: Volume One

A documentary about spreading the word of Jesus in the middle east.

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Louie Giglio-Fearless (Passion 2012)

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Louie Giglio – Take the Plunge – All In

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Louie Giglio – When God Breaks Through

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Passion City Church – Hell is Real by Pastor Louie Giglio

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Duane Sheriff – Overloaded (How to Reduce Stress)

Who doesn’t need to reduce a little stress in their lives?  GOD never intended to be stressed out.  He intended for us to have peace and comfort in him.  GOD wants you to look to him for your needs.  Much

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Ten Biblical Truths on the Obedience of Children

The kind of fear we should cultivate in ourselves as Christians, and in our children, is not the cowering fear that slaves have of their masters, but the reverential fear of the one we love and delight to please —

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Christy Nockels – Be Loved

  Lyrics:- Verse:- 1 Have you ever let yourself be loved by the one who made you Have you ever told your soul to believe that his heart is on your side You could even try to run away but

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Amish Grace

This is a fantastic movie about forgiveness that’s based on a true story.  I didn’t know much about the Amish faith before watching this movie.  The story contrasts the lives of a husband and wife who suffer a terrible tragedy.

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Duane Sheriff – Freedom From Offense

An enlightening series of sermons on offense (I watched the whole series in one weekend).  I never understood this concept until recently and found these sermons to be very helpful.  I have suffered from offense in my life and had no idea

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