Baseball Chapel

While watching a Blue Jays game today I noticed Jason Grilli writing something in the sand on the pitchers mound. I’ve seen him do this many times and always wondered what he was writing.  I did a quick search on Google

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Citizen Way – When I’m With You

Lyrics These are the things That I need to pray ‘Cuz I can’t find peace any other way I’m a mess underneath And I’m just too scared to show it Everything’s not fine And I’m not okay But it’s nice

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Christian Series – Andy Stanley

This is a great series of sermons on what it means to be a Christian.  Not what you are thinking I’m sure.

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Head In The Fight – Sanctus Real

“Head In The Fight” I don’t want to waste my life I don’t want to waste my time You only have a little bit And before you know it’s gone in the blink of an eye I don’t want to

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The Longing in me – Sheila Walsh

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Plumb – EXHALE (Official Music Video)

“Exhale” It’s okay to not be okay This is a safe place This is a safe place Don’t be afraid Don’t be ashamed There’s still hope here There’s still hope here No matter what you’ve done or who you are

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When The Darkness Will Not Lift – John Piper

This book discusses how some Christians may fall into a long term depression and question their very faith in GOD.  After all, Christians are called to find joy in all things.  How could a true Christian be depressed?  Could GOD

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Phil Wickham – Your Love Awakens Me (Official Lyric Video)

“Your Love Awakens Me” There were walls between us By the cross you came And broke them down You broke them down There were chains around us By Your grace we are No longer bound No longer bound You called

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God’s Not Dead 2 In Theaters This Weekend

We went to see God’s Not Dead 2 last night at SilverCity. The critics gave it only 1/5 stars. I enjoyed the movie almost as much as the original and would give it 3.5/5 stars. The main complaint of the

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The Digital Age – Break Every Chain [Official Lyric Video]

There is power in the name of Jesus There is power in the name of Jesus There is power in the name of Jesus To break every chain Break every chain Break every chain You’re the all sufficient sacrifice So

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