Some macro shots from the garden

I’ve got an Olloclip for my IPhone that I typically use to snap shots of electronics circuits.  I decided to put it on and try to hold it steady enough to snap some shots of the garden.  I always find macro pictures reveal so much of the creators handy work that we don’t get to see everyday.  I was particularly fascinated by the prickly things on the cucumbers starting to grow.  The look like little blobs of water with a needle on the end.  It’s amazing how many different insects you can find in a short amount of time if you are looking.


AntOnGreenPepperFlower beeNoZoom Cucumber1 Cucumer2 Cucumer3 EggPlantFlower2 EggplantFlower3 EggPlantFlowers fly japaneseBettle macroBee OnionFlowers spider tomatoFlower

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