Duane Sheriff – Freedom From Offense


An enlightening series of sermons on offense (I watched the whole series in one weekend).  I never understood this concept until recently and found these sermons to be very helpful.  I have suffered from offense in my life and had no idea of the consequences it can have on your well being.  When you realize what happened to you it will feel like you had blinders on.  Offense is a trap.  The person who offended you may not have remorse for what they did.  They may even hold you accountable for the way you react to the offense.  The truth is; they are right.  You should just let it go and let GOD judge them.  The sooner you let it go and pass it on to GOD, the sooner you are free to live your life.  If you suffer from an offense listen to these sermons.  Once you can forgive the offender you no longer need to hold onto the pain and anger.  It doesn’t in any way shape or form mean that what happened to you was okay.  It means that you let GOD judge them and he is a just GOD.  When you understand the concept of offense you will always be quick to forgive no matter what the offense.  One of the reasons we find it hard to forgive is because of our own pride.  GOD hates pride.  We have all sinned and if we hold another persons sin against them as though it was worse than our sins we can’t ask GOD to forgive us of our sins.

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