Hello World

This site was originally intended for another purpose that didn’t work out the way it was planned.  I decided instead to pay homage to my favourite engineer, GOD.  Part of the decision to do this was something that my seven year old said to me recently “Do you ever wonder how God created everything.”  It was out of the blue as we were getting out of the car for power skating.  He did a 360 and looked at the earth and the sky while saying it.  I have the same questions.  The more I experience and see of life on earth the harder it becomes to understand how God did create everything.  The fact that I am alive and can think and communicate makes me laugh at anyone who believes in evolution.  There is a fantastic video that showcases some of the amazing universe that God created here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azFFc20_Ub4 , all I can say is Wow!  God is truly great!  No mater how you felt about yourself before watching the video you will realize how little you really are.

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