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Faith Alone; How (Not) to Use a Reformed Slogan


This is a great sermon on by John Piper on how we reach salvation based on our faith.  He discusses what our faith in Jesus looks like.

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Night Stars


There were so many bright stars visible tonight.  As I looked up I asked my youngest son who made the stars.  He gave the most perfect answer.  He said “God made the stars.  He gave us the better view.” Psalms

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God is Better – Francis Chan Sermon Jam

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Heaven Song (Oceans) Phil Wickham


This is two songs in one (Part of oceans).  The version of Heaven Song is arguably better than the original album version (included below).  Watching him sing with eyes closed almost feels like he’s tapped directly into Heaven. You

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Jason Gray – Sparrows


  You can’t add a single day by worrying You’ll worry your life away Oh don’t worry your life away You can’t change a single thing by freaking out It’s just gonna close you in Oh don’t let the trouble

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Some macro shots from the garden


I’ve got an Olloclip for my IPhone that I typically use to snap shots of electronics circuits.  I decided to put it on and try to hold it steady enough to snap some shots of the garden.  I always find

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Multiple Versions Of The Bible In A SQLite Database


There are many websites online today that have copies of the Bible for viewing.  You can also find Bible applications for your IPhone or favorite Android device.  I recently came across a SQLite database that contains the following versions of

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Baseball Chapel


While watching a Blue Jays game today I noticed Jason Grilli writing something in the sand on the pitchers mound. I’ve seen him do this many times and always wondered what he was writing.  I did a quick search on Google

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Citizen Way – When I’m With You


Lyrics These are the things That I need to pray ‘Cuz I can’t find peace any other way I’m a mess underneath And I’m just too scared to show it Everything’s not fine And I’m not okay But it’s nice

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Christian Series – Andy Stanley


This is a great series of sermons on what it means to be a Christian.  Not what you are thinking I’m sure.

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